Oh, Buggy!

If you are like us, a first-time parents living in the city, you’d be hauling your baby anywhere you’d go. Especially on the weekends, when you are able to get more precious time to be with your baby and at the same time experience life.

Gone are the days where you are bind by “O, bakit mo ilalabas si baby!? Maliit pa yan!’ or “Mahahamugan!” and the most annoying, “Baka mabati! Wag mo ilabas.!” Whatever that means, right?

I myself am surprised with how moms are so brave bringing their tiny humans to the mall or to the great outdoor. I keep thinking is it safe or even sanitary enough to do so? But times have changed. Parents have a lot to do and cannot stay inside the house and wait for their babies to grow legs and teeth. Mommies have mini businesses, they drive, they pay their bills, and do their yoga. Sometimes, they have to do it without a yaya or someone to take care of their baby. Life does not stop after you have given birth and the world should not judge them if they like to live their life to the fullest and at the same time trying to take care of their baby the way they would want the best way they know how.

That being said, I have bought my 2nd stroller. hahahaha

Ang haba ng spiel ni mommy all the while just wanting to justify a created need. But really, I needed a second stroller!

I liked my first stroller which was a Graco Citilite R. It was lightweight, easy to adjust, airy, and comfortable even for infants due to soft cushions and all-around support. (We also like to thank Tita Ninang Cha for this very nice gift!)

But as Isabella grows and as me and Kevin likes to go for walks outdoors, I thought I needed some alternative. I have been eyeing other strollers at the mall religiously and oogling lately for best strollers, prams, pushchairs, and buggies.

There are so many and different styles fitting different needs and preferences. Anyone would get lost so easily in the language.

But my tip to parents are (to avoid double buggy!):

  1. How often do you go out or intend to go out with baby?
  2. Where do you intend to go?
  3. Do you go out alone with baby or with partner?
  4. How long would you use your buggy?
  5. Budget.

I bought my 2nd stroller through an app that sells second-hand stuff. It was convenient for me because the seller was 1) in my area 2) selling a stroller with the features I think I need, 3) at a price I’m willing to pay! Yes, the holy trinity!!! SCORE!

So here we are enjoying  a fully-washed and soaked Mama’s and Papa’s Sola 2 Pushchair. It is quite heavy but the elevation is perfect and the wheels are big and the over-all use is sturdy and convenient. Plus, there’s a lot of storage space for groceries and bags.

Over-all, buy what best suits your lifestyle. If you intend to splurge, I recommend buying those with high elevation (to avoid dust and car exhaust) and with lot of under chair space. Having a baby in tow means bringing the whole house with you but mommies don’t mind that at all.

Love, V.


My Baler Weekend

I went to a retreat hosted by my high school friend, Abi. I’m so grateful to her for not accepting my excuses thus pushing me to go to this.

Which turned out to be a really a good and meaningful time for me. I was able to cut down on baby time and be with my sister and myself.

It’s recharging and rewarding. You know how if you are weary or just down, you need some time off and I needed some time OFF.

Anyway, the point is, if you want to do something for yourself, DO IT. If you know it will do you good (even if you have scant for money), DO IT. If you need someone to tell you what you should or should not do, DON’T LISTEN TO IT. People are so aware of what others are saying but they don’t know what their heart needs or wants.

The body’s state is a reflection of your mental and emotional state. If your body is weak or sick, then it says a lot how you are on the inside. So take care of yourself. Love yourself. BE GOOD TO YOURSELF. If you do good for yourself, you will do good unto others and others will love you for it.

If others don’t do good to you, you don’t need that in your life, yes. So move on to things that deserves your well-meaning intentions.

So be good to yourself and learn and grow and take time to understand.

I was able to understand, like for myself, I don’t know how I feel about things…what is my emotion that I feel towards this action or this or that…and knowing what exactly how you feel makes a lot of difference on how you will react or act. This itself is key in making better judgments in life. I was also able to know how I like a yogis voice in my ear early in the morning. I was able to know how I like breathing exercises. I was able to know that the birds and the trees and the universe are never in a hurry. That I should take my time and grow how the trees grow in their own time. How beautiful flowers and stars are how they are all grand and never compete.

I love it. Just good energy all the way.  Thanks to Abi and Kish for this.+

Here’s a repost from Infinite You

The problem isn’t that we’re not getting what we want.. it’s not knowing what it is.

Here’s some news:

We live in a time where its easier to revolt and feel victimised through our daily ramblings on social media and group chats. In these platforms we will even get support from “like-minded” people who do exactly the same thing. Although I must admit that it feels good to be comforted and have our ideas validated by others, the risk here is getting addicted to this type of relationships. We tend to adjust ourselves to others so that we may get some approval and it even leads to becoming a people-pleaser. Now, this is where it becomes even more complicated, as a people-pleaser and in seeking approval, we stop listening to our own intuition and stop evaluating our belief systems, how much of it is ours and how much of it has been programmed in our minds.

When you ask advise from those whose dreams are smaller than yours, it is guaranteed that you will not obtain information that will make you grow and much less achieve success.

However, there’s also amazing news:

“You are so UNCONDITIONALLY LOVED and supported by Creation that you can even choose to believe that you are not loved.” – Bashar

The best thing about life is we get to choose to change ANYTIME.

Its a matter of living in awareness of what our thoughts and actions are at any given moment. Its so important that we stretch ourselves from merely knowing what we don’t want and transforming these ideas to create the most magnificent picture of the life we want to live. Our life experiences are such great teachers, it shows us a diversity of situations and things we want and don’t want, if not for the sole purpose of making us more clear. Our thoughts are so powerful because it creates the basis of the manifestations and physical reality we live in.

So you might be thinking, “All this sounds dandy but what steps do i need to take to move forward?”

Well, there’s quite a few things you can do but here’s a few of our favourite processes:

1. Study and seek knowledge from successful people who have talked to talk and walked the walk. Listen to audios and read books by thought leaders who have transformed their lives from challenging circumstances to more desirable results. (Recommended read: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill ; The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles; Ask and it is given by Esther and Jerry Hicks; I Hope I Screw This Up by Kyle Cease )

2. Wake up with gratitude in your heart. Make a list of 10 things you’re grateful for the moment you wake up. (Yes, do not open Facebook or Instagram)

3. Find time to quiet the mind, MEDITATE. You may opt to do a guided meditation, listen to some instrumental music or just have peace and quiet.

4. Keep a journal to write your goal and daily affirmations. This will tune your mind to be closer to your hearts desires and focused on discovering your life’s purpose.

5. FEEL GOOD- do whatever it takes. Follow your passions and creative callings. Dance like no one’s watching, play some music and sing like there’s no tomorrow! This also means to stay away from people and things that don’t make you feel good. Seek the real kind of happiness and let go of temporary solutions like things that just tend to numb us.

Just remember to be kind to yourself, be the first one to love who you are. Your mere existence in the Universe is causing so many beautiful things to unfold.


Mommy Job

Ok, let’s be grown-ups here. <Chuckle, chuckle> Yes, I am such lousy adult! I still cringe at some things that I should talk about with my husband. Anyway, I digress.

I have been exclusively breastfeeding Sab for what seems to be any eternity. My back hurts most of the time, I can’t wear my favorite pre-pregnancy blouses to avoid looking like I have silicone on, I need to be awake late nights for feeding, AND I need to constantly pump at work or anywhere for that matter! Time-consuming, laborious, and repetitive…these are the words to describe breastfeeding.

For 8 months now (5 days short, ok…), I have done what many mommies have done. Breastfeeding or not, I think the same words can be exacted to all those who are taking care of their precious babies.

Mommies wake up every now and then, at short periods, to the crying of their babies and soothe them until they are comfortable again to go back to sleep.

That’s just the goal actually, and to keep them safe and healthy. You know, I have never really understood hard work until now. Having someone completely and 100% dependent on you entails all your patience and actually, love.

And it’s almost instinctive, this love is, for your child. After all, you bore this person in your womb, what else do you need for instant connection?

Anyway, motherhood and also to mention, and in fairness and equality, fatherhood, is many splendid things.


Half Year Mark!

Naipon kwento ni Mommy!

In all honesty, tinamad ako magsulat and just wanted to stare at baby pics all day. If only that would pay the bills, diapers, and yaya…

ANYWAY, Sab is growing up well and good. She likes her kamote and is able to wiggle her butt up in her effort to move spaces. She’s super active and distracted at most times that her daysleep is shunned to almost a minimum. In short, tulog manok sya na talaga. Even bottle feeding her is given up by many people and is lasted only by her yayas or by my mother-in-law (“Akin na bata, titiyagain natin yan!”).

Like most working parents, we only get to play and spend long hours with Sab on the weekends. We maximize that to the extent na pagputok palang ng araw, nasa activities part na kami. hahaha Kumbaga sa sports, walang warm-up or down-time part, action lang. Sab is so excited during this time na akala nya gagala sya everytime na gigising sya!hahaha She just takes power naps and sleeps through the night to regain her strength. Ang cute talaga and we’re too excited as well!

Sab also went to Baguio last week, this being her first. Of course, like all marathons, this we prepared for months. We did training going for short trips within city limits and also by going for regular trips to my Parents’ in Antipolo. There was also that one time Kevin planned 1 year wedding anniversary for us in Tagaytay which ended up with clingy Jimenez’s coming along with us. haha It was also a good trip but I knew by then in my heart that Sab have a hate-hate relationship with her car seat. She wants to make dungaw in the window with my arms almost dangling off. Ambigat nya na for me talaga.

What I like most about Sab is she is not hard to take care of at all. It’s as if she knows her circumstance and cooperates accordingly. I’m her mom so I’m biased, but really, she has been so good to me since Day 1 and I keep thinking to myself how did I deserve such a sweet and loving baby.

I do hope she grows up like how all parent’s wish their child to be: God-fearing, loving, and happy.

She’s going to be 6 months come April 1st and by all means, I should be planning for her 1st REAL birthday party!

Let the games begin!IMG_4564



Having enough #Squad

I know, #squad is so Taylor Swift ago but I cannot find a better and more timely term that encapsulates having enough support group to be able to raise a baby. Remember, it takes a village.

I am grateful that I have my in-laws nearby and my family are always around but it is hard to ask them to commit as they are also leading busy lives. But be that as it may, they are always welcome (though sometimes reluctant) to the idea that they might be assigned to take care of Baby Sab for a few hours or a whole work day.

Good thing also my work is 20mins. walk from home so I can easily manage to go home in case of dire need. It’s funny now that I always see people strolling as I walk (scurry!) past them and think to myself that pretty sure, these people have no baby to go home to. As in, I am like a horse with blinders. Heading right straight to home. Every single second counts with each move already laid out in mind. Oh, how moms work are nothing short of miracle! hahaha I am praising myself but it is true for moms everywhere and more so of moms to more than 1 child. They might be gods being able to juggle everything when in fact I am about to break down thinking I cannot take care of my one little baby.

Anyway, since we don’t have yaya, we ask friends or relatives to cover for us on certain time of day or days of the week. It is hard and sometimes, I feel bad having to ask, but we are faced with this reality and we have to work on it. On certain days, worst case is that, we have to excuse ourselves at work, which is something I am always adamant to do. But I cannot leave my baby as she is now my topmost priority and yet we need cash! So striking a balance and finding out how you can work with your support group is key in first few months.

Just ask them, I’m sure they are willing to lend a helping hand.

Thus, the the story of a modern day family with a frazzled mom always on the lookout for her baby.

Working Mommy

Many mommies have written about it…having to work at the office while taking care of a baby and still have a healthy dose of sanity.

But most working mommies, albeit just deciding on resigning and being a full-time mom, does not discuss about negotiating with their bosses about their situation.

I’m a first time mom and having first time pains and these things, I should be able to discuss with my bosses so we can work around the situation. For example, I breastfeed and need to pump at least 2x a day, there should be a time of day and place for me to do this. For which, I am grateful to my Company as they have been supportive and understanding of my situation ever since I knew about my pregnancy.

At the onset, I informed my boss even at 9wks that I was expecting. Ever since then, they don’t question my extended sleeping hours during lunch time and my nap breaks in between work. I know, it is sort of an abuse, but my morning sickness which extended till afternoons have been unkind, good thing my bosses are not.

This time however, I do not want to extend the same leniency they have given. I have been absent numerous times and needed to leave at the middle of working day. So this time, I will need to create a solution that will work for me and the Company and it will start with having a discussion with my bosses on this.

Many working moms here in Philippines need not resort to resignation immediately. I love my Company as it has given me wonderful opportunities and has supported me in many ways. I believe, this time, there can be something workable for both of us and have continued and long lasting relationship in spite of circumstances.

That being said, I think this can work for many moms out there, too.

Let me know your experience! I’ll be glad to learn how to nego.


Fantastic Yayas and Where to Find them…

Frustrated does not even begin what I am feeling right now.

Me and my husband, Kevin, have been looking to what feels like eternity for someone to take care of Sab. We have asked everyone from our friends, to our parent’s friends, to our parent’s friends in the provinces, to our company drivers, staffs, and what not even before our baby was born. There have been leads, not saying I am no less grateful, but circumstances had led me desperate and down-trodden.

Alam mo yun feeling na walang isang taong magaaruga (mommies don’t look for magaalaga, we don’t settle less than “aruga”!) at pinagpapasa-pasahan ang baby mo bawat araw? Nakakaiyak talaga.

Agencies and many nanny horror stories have forced many moms to work at home. But as to why we should deal with that and sacrifice having a corporate work-at-the-office life, I do not, for the life of me, understand. Men do not have to deal with such stress and idea since they are expected to continue with their day jobs. But I don’t like to draw out the feminist card, it is not the point here.

The point is the sacrifice of having a baby is there and exists but should not be because lack of proper care to our babies. There should be a place where mommies can leave their babies without having to constantly worry. I think there is market for it now since nannies are demanding and erratic and no less effective in child’s development (let’s face it, an 18 yo girl from Samar won’t sing or read books to your baby). I hate it when people tell me to make “tiyaga” to yayas nowadays. Today is different compared to our mother’s who are able to leave us to our lolas. My mom is still active and working so that is not an option anymore.

Hay, tell me guys where I can leave my baby and have my peace and chances are there’s a unicorn nearby, too.